The ViewThe View just published my review of Teamstudio Unplugged, a mobile application platform for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino applications. The platform allows you to take an existing Notes application and mobilize it to the Unplugged client. Unplugged is essentially a mobile replication engine for Notes and BlackBerry (today, support for Android and iOS is coming soon).

Developers use Xpages to craft pages that control how your Notes application data renders within the mobile application. The platform allows you to have more control over how things render on the mobile client, but requires more work to do it than Kryos AppXtender. It's really cool though how Teamstudio was able to implement this without requiring any additional software on top of a Domino server and out of the box Domino Designer.

Teamstudio offers a free single user developer license for you to try out the platform. You can find additional information about the product at

The article is called Mobilizing Domino Applications Using Teamstudio UnpluggedMobilizing Domino Applications Using Teamstudio Unplugged, check it out if you're a subscriber.

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