There's something up with the site, it's not rendering correctly.The home page seems OK, but when you drill into any of the categories it's broken. Ouch!

I tried to install a FeedBurner module yesterday and now everything's hokey. I'll see what I can do to fix this.

Update: I've been poking and prodding at this and I just can't figure it out. It's not only this site that's broken, but all of my Joomla sites being hosted on I asked FatCow for help and what I got in response was this:

Hello John,

In Joomla Configuration settings, we have disabled and enabled 'Search Engine Friendly URLs', 'Use Apache mod_rewrite' ,'Add suffix to URLs' and set .htaccess file, still the website links loads with broken themes. It appears that you had installed any new joomla modules or plugins. Please disable those plugins and check the website functionality from your end.


Which is effectively telling me nothing. Yes, I have added extensions, but when I opened the ticket I told them I disabled everything and it didn't change anything.

The admin functions are working great and the home page renders correctly. It's just when you open any other of the site that isn't working correctly. The content appears, but none of the templating is applied. I'll continue to troubleshoot this, but I'm moving this week, so my time is limited (sorry). I'll also keep begging FatCow to help me figure this out. They mentioned they changed directory permissions all of a sudden SugarCRM is working but my Joomla and vBulletin sites aren't.

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