I started working at Microsoft last week - and there was much rejoicing (an obscure Monty Python reference). I’ve joined the Azure division as a Principal Program Manager on the team building Visual Studio Mobile Center (Microsoft’s cloud service for mobile developers). I’m very excited about this new role, as it allows me to get back into the mobile development space, and lets me be a developer (instead of a tester) again. I’ll write more about what I’m working about as I get more involved in the product.


Microsoft Visual Studio Mobile Center
Microsoft Visual Studio Mobile Center


For the last year (literally a year and a week) I’ve not had permanent employment. During this period I did some freelance writing for Perfecto Mobile (mobile testing tools) and AT&T (IoT Platform), and I also did some contract work for Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. At Microsoft I worked on the Visual Studio documentation team, updating the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO) docs for Visual Studio 2017. At HPE, I was the Product Manager for their Mobile Center product (an execution environment for mobile application tests on physical devices and emulators).

I think its pretty funny that I went from working on one company’s Mobile Center to another company’s Mobile Center. HPE’s Mobile Center is focused entirely on providing an execution environment for app tests running on physical devices and emulators. Microsoft’s Mobile Center does have a testing component (although I won’t be directly involved in that), but is focused more on providing services and capabilities for developers building mobile apps.

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