As I've written before, I'm at Lotusphere 2010 this week presenting two sessions on mobile development. When I was accepted as a speaker, IBM asked whether I had published a book and offered me a chance to have the book available in the onsite book store at Lotusphere. There was no guarantee that it would make it into the store, but I was excited to see this morning when the Solutions Showcase opened (yep, I ran down as soon as it opened) that there is a stack of BlackBerry Development Fundamentals for sale (at 20% off) at the show. I'm so excited. We'll see how well they sell.  If you're here, please help me out by purchasing a copy. I'll even sign copies if you track me down.

My publisher also provided me with 5 free copies of the book to distribute at the conference. I'll give them away at the end of my sessions (I'm presenting three times). I'll most likely give them to the people who ask the best BlackBerry questions at the end of the session.Wink

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