A few weeks ago, I presented a session at the NCDevConNCDevCon event in Raleigh. I’ve attended the conference the last few years and really enjoyed it, and I was excited to be asked to deliver a presentation. The conference is a locally run developer conference that’s been running for, I think, 9 years now. I discovered the conference a few years ago when one of the presenters, Simon MacDonald from the Cordova/PhoneGap team, tweeted about presenting at the conference. Presenters come from all over the country, sometimes from out of the country, to present, so there’s always some pretty interesting topics.

Anyway, for my presentation, I decided to present on Building Mobile Applications using Open Source Frameworks. I thought I’d leverage my experience with Cordova and Ionic while at the same time using this opportunity to learn more about NativeScript and React Native. I bit off way, way more than I could cover in my short 50 minute session, but it was fun. I basically built the same application four ways, one for each target I listed above. You'll find the presentation file as an attachment to this article.

You can find the project source code I demonstrated on Github. I posted the slide deck at slideshare.net, but I can’t find it there anymore. I’ll update the link tomorrow and update this blog. Finally, a video of the presentation can be found on the conference's YouTube Page.

Don’t laugh too hard as you watch me try to stuff two hours of presentation materials into 50 minutes. Next year I’ll make sure to pick a topic I can easily cover in the allotted time. :-)


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