Last week I received a copy of my PhoneGap Essentials which had been translated into Korean (at least I think it’s the Korean translation, I can’t actually be sure – as I don’t read Korean). Here is the book, perhaps you can read it:

Figure 1

Anyway, apparently the book has been licensed for translation into Korean and Traditional Chinese. The Chinese version of the book was supposed to have been published months ago, but I don’t know what happened to it. I’ll receive a copy as soon as it makes it to my publisher here in the US and of course I’ll publish information about the book.

What’s interesting about this version of the book is that it’s a much better implementation of the book (or at least, the cover). The cover stock is much thicker than the US version , plus it has this pebbled feel to it. Also, the cover extends beyond the width of the book and the extra material is folder over inside the cover, so they have some extra writing there – pretty cool. You can see it here in the following blurry image:

Figure 2

What’s funny is that the only I can tell that I’m the author of the book is from the inside flap which has my name in English (the front cover version of my name clearly isn’t).

The pictures of the kids (and now deceased dog) are still in there, so they had fun showing everyone their faces amung all that foreign text.

If you have any Korean speaking friends or family who are looking for a book on PhoneGap, mine’s the only one (that I know of) that’s been translated. Please put in a good word for me and my book!

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