The PhoneGap Essentials web site located at was retired today. The site was a repository of information about my PhoneGap Essentials book. I retired the site because the book was published more than three years ago and is woefully outdated. The book targeted PhoneGap 2 and since then many things have changed. PhoneGap was changed to Apache Cordova the PhoneGap became Adobe’s distribution of Apache Cordova (with some extra things added). As Apache Cordova and PhoneGap are both now at version 6, it didn’t seem appropriate to maintain a site dealing with technologies 4 versions back.

Since the book was published, I have published multiple updates to the book. Apache Cordova 3 Programming ( was an update to the first half of PhoneGap Essentials. The second half of PhoneGap Essentials was later refreshed in a new book called Apache Cordova API Cookbook ( So, with both of those books, you have an update that covers the newer version plus jumps from 300 pages to about 500 pages.

Then, when Apache Cordova 4 came out, I updated the Apache Cordova 3 Programming book for Apache Cordova 4 (which also covered PhoneGap 4) in a new book called Apache Cordova 4 Programming ( With this book in place and coupled with the Apache Cordova API Cookbook, you now have about 800 pages of material on the newer version of Apache Cordova/Adobe PhoneGap.

So, if you’re looking for PhoneGap Essentials, you will be better served by Apache Cordova 4 Programming and Apache Cordova API Cookbook.

If you have to have information on PhoneGap Essentials, you’ll find all of the book’s code on my GitHub page at

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