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BlackBerry Developer Book Reviews

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Posted: June 17, 2011 | Categories: BlackBerry

Back in 2009, right after BlackBerry Development Fundamentals came out, I approached Dr. Dobb's Journal about writing some reviews of the other BlackBerry development books that were coming onto the market. The editor told me to go ahead, so I did the writing and submitted two reviews. Nothing happened; I'm not even sure the articles were ever read. So, what I'm going to do is publish them here next week.

It's two years later, my book has sold well but the BlackBerry development and mobile development worlds have changed a lot since then.  I was thinking of doing an update to my book, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. I'm not sure whether there's an update coming to Anthony Risk's Beginning BlackBerry Development. I see that Chris King has an update to his book, Advanced BlackBerry Development coming out soon, it's called Advanced BlackBerry 6 Development.

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