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15 Posts | Articles related to lessons learned or projects built using Arduino devices or Arduino-compatible devices.

Artificial Intelligence

2 Posts | Articles related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).


69 Posts | Articles about the BlackBerry platform, BlackBerry development, and my time working at BlackBerry (Research in Motion).

Cloud Development

5 Posts | Articles related to cloud software development (AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, OCI, etc.).

Content Management Systems

16 Posts | Articles related to my usage and experimentation with Content Management Systems (CMS).


11 Posts | Posts related to application development using Embarcadero Delphi (formerly Borland Delphi).

Developer Tools

7 Posts | Articles related to developer tools; ones I use or ones I'm evaluating.


6 Posts | Articles related to lessons learned or projects built using Espressif ESP32 devices.


38 Posts | Articles related to the Eleventy Static Site Generator (used to build this site).


1 Post | Articles about events I'm attending, have a speaking slot, or otherwise involved with.


5 Posts | Articles related to Flutter development; either lessons learned or projects I created.


1 Post | Articles written by Guest Authors (so far, only one).

IBM Lotus Domino

31 Posts | Articles related to IBM Lotus Notes and/or Domino; mostly around development topics.

Internet of Things (IoT)

47 Posts | Articles related to Microcontrollers, single board computers, and other stuff.

Microsoft Outlook

4 Posts | Articles related to Microsoft Outlook; either me musing about the app or the project's I built that integrate with it.

Microsoft Windows

13 Posts | Articles covering topics related Microsoft Windows or the Windows applications I created.


147 Posts | Posts that didn't fit in any other categories.


30 Posts | Posts related to mobile phones and mobility in general.

Mobile Development

96 Posts | Posts related to mobile app development, something I live for a very long time.


6 Posts | Articles related to software development using Node.js. This includes node command line tooling, plugins, and other stuff.

Static Site Generators

6 Posts | Anything related to Static Site Generators.

Stupid Developer Tricks

11 Posts | Posts calling out the results of stupid things software developers do.

Web Development

8 Posts | Posts related to web development topics, development tools, strategies, etc.

What Were They Thinking

15 Posts | Articles about stupid things I see out in the world.
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