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PWA Webinar This Month

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Posted: July 31, 2020 | | Categories: Web Development

Next month, I'm delivering a webinar entitled Progressive Web Apps: Enhancing Your Web Apps Using Service Workers (; the material for this webinar is based on part of my most recent book: Learning Progressive Web Apps ( Join me if you can; here's a description:

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the bright future of desktop and mobile applications. There are different ways to look at PWAs, but in general they're interactive web applications built using specific browser capabilities that enable the web apps to work and act more like native apps. Research firm Gartner was so confident in the growth of PWAs that they predicted that 50% of all consumer apps would be PWAs this year. Many of the web applications you currently use are most likely PWAs with Google releasing Gmail as a PWA and Microsoft delivering both Outlook and OneDrive as PWAs this year.

In this fast-paced session chock full of technical details, you'll learn how build your own progressive web applications. You'll learn how to make your app installable using web app manifests and some JavaScript code. You'll also learn how to make your web app work in offline mode on compatible browsers using service workers. You'll also learn about all the ways service workers can enhance the capabilities of a web application.

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