Related Sites

This page lists the sites I maintain (in alphabetical order).

Acme Dynamite

Many, many years ago I was sitting around one night and wondered if anyone ever registered the Acme Dynamite domain. A quick check proved that it was available, so I registered it. I haven't done anything with the site, but I'm pretty sure I'll eventually setup as one of my personal email addresses.

Acme Dynamite Home Page
A World Without Apps Home Page

A World Without Apps

Another really old site for me. When I was knee deep in mobile development I realized we were approaching a world without apps, where voice interaction would replace applications. It turns out I was right, especially with all of the AI stuff that's happening now, but it's been quite a while since I've posted anything to the site.

The Cosplayer's Workshop

My daughter is an accomplished Cosplayer and she's taken over my workshop with her cosplay projects. One day I went looking for a domain I could use to publish a site where I publish articles about the the tools and stuff I provide her to help her with her projects. I quickly found this domain and built my first Eleventy site there.

The Cosplayer's Workshop Home Page
Fumbly Diddle Software Home Page

Fumbly Diddle Software

I have several mobile apps in the Android and Apple App Stores and I was looking for an interesting name for my app software company. Reading a very old Poul Anderson novel (from the 1950's) I came across the term 'fumbly diddling around' and the name for my software company was born.

Fumbly Stuff, LLC

During the pandemic, I started work on some hardware projects that resulted in several products I plan on kickstarting in fall of 2023. I named the company as a variant of the Fumbly Diddle company name, this particular organization is a registered LLC in North Carolina.

Fumbly Stuff, LLC Home Page
John Wargo Books Home Page

John Wargo Books

About the time I finished my 4th book or so, I decided to create a web site that lists all of my books, magazine articles, and other published content. Eventually, I'll migrate all of this site's content into this property.

John Wargo Code

Over the last 30 years or so I've written a lot of code. As soon as I had a solid catalog of projects published to [GitHub](, I created this site to give me a place to publish descriptions of the different projects and group them together in an organized way.

John Wargo Code Home Page
McNelly SoftWorks, LLC Home Page

McNelly SoftWorks, LLC

Back in the 1980's, when I was in college, I started a software company called McNelly SoftWorks and copyrighted all of my code under that company name. Starting in the 2000's I published several commercial software products under that name and eventually registered the company as an Ohio LLC. I even published my first book there as well.

Random Errors

Over the years I regularly encounter errors in my development work that takes me a long time to sort out. I started this site to document those errors and the solutions I found for them.

Random Errors Home Page
Wargo 2024 Home Page

Wargo 2024

The Internet home of my 2024 US Presidential campaign. Yes, I'm running for President; I did in 2020 as well, but suspended my campaign late in the election cycle to not interfere too much with the election considering how tight it was. I didn't want to be a distraction.