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Eleventy Site Categories Page

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Posted: March 18, 2023 | Categories: Static Site Generators, Eleventy

I used Raymond Camden's excellent A Complete Guide to Building a Blog with Eleventy ( to learn how to use Eleventy ( In that tutorial, Ray generates a separate categories page for each category, then links to the category page from the list of categories on each Post. That's an excellent feature, and I wanted that for my site, but I also want to present users with a stand-alone list of categories they can browse directly from the site's home page.

To do that with Ray's tutorial, I made a few changes. FIrst of all, I renamed the categories.liquid page to category.liquid then updated all references to it in the site (basically updating the post.liquid include).

Next, I added a new categories.liquid page with the following Liquid code:

<p>View all of the posts for a particular category by clicking on one of the categories listed below. There are {{ categories.length }} categories on the site today.</p>
{% for category in categories %}
<a href="{{ "/" | htmlBaseUrl }}category/{{ category | slugify }}">{{ category | capitalize }}</a>
{% endfor %}

Once I added the Categories page to my site's menu, I was all set.

This is something I tried to do in a Jekyll site and never figured it out. With Eleventy it took me just a few minutes to set up.

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