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Relaunched A World Without Apps

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Posted: May 28, 2023 | | Categories: Miscellaneous

Back in 2016 I created a site called A World Without Apps where I published articles about voice interfaces and how they would replace many mobile apps. After letting the site languish for many years, I finally brought it back to life last week with a new look and new purpose.

A world without apps home page

Voice-based systems are still a thing and much more prevalent too, my 2018 Audi and my wife's new VW both have voice response systems built in, so I was right back in 2016. What's happened lately, and why I brought the site back to life when I was about to kill it, is that chat-based AI systems are very big in the news right now and I have some things to say about them.

You can find the site at https://aworldwithoutapps.com and I hope to write there as frequently as I write here. Stay tuned.

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