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Category: Developer Tools

Articles related to developer tools; ones I use or ones I'm evaluating.

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  • AI Developer Tools in Action

    Posted July 15, 2023 in Developer Tools
    I was doing some coding this morning and encountered an excellent example of AI generated code that I had to share with you.
  • Batching YAML Front Matter Updates

    Posted July 10, 2023 in Developer Tools, Eleventy
    This article describes a command-line utility I created to do batch add/update to YAML front matter of all of the markdown files in a folder. This is especially helpful when working with static site generators (SSG).
  • Coding One-Handed

    Posted July 4, 2023 in Developer Tools
    I've been coding one-handed since shoulder surgery and I noticed how certain tools made that much easier.
  • My Take On GitHub Projects

    Posted May 27, 2023 in Developer Tools
    I tried to use GitHub Projects to manage the migration tasks for this site and a horrible experience, so I thought I'd share what I see are failures in the product.

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