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Articles related to developer tools; ones I use or ones I'm evaluating. This page lists all posts in the category, in reverse chronological order.

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  • zx for Simplified Node Process Spawning

    Posted November 26, 2023  in Developer Tools

    A recap of a portion of my All Things Open 2023 presentation covering the `zx` project.

  • Visual Studio Code Progress Cancelled by Async Task

    Posted November 26, 2023  in Developer Tools

    I'm working on my first Visual Studio Code extension and as part of the extension's work, it calls a long-running external API that could take 30 seconds or more to complete. I started looking for way to display a progress dialog and discovered the vscode.window.withProgress. As I looked through the different examples I found out there, they all showed how the code that displays and manages the progress item decides when to close the window.

  • All Things Open 2023 Session Materials

    Posted October 16, 2023  in Developer Tools

    Information about my All Things Open 2023 Presentation and link to the presentation deck.

  • AI Developer Tools in Action

    Posted July 15, 2023  in Developer Tools

    I was doing some coding this morning and encountered an excellent example of AI generated code that I had to share with you.

  • Batching YAML Front Matter Updates

    Posted July 10, 2023  in Developer Tools, Eleventy

    This article describes a command-line utility I created to do batch add/update to YAML front matter of all of the markdown files in a folder. This is especially helpful when working with static site generators (SSG).

  • Coding One-Handed

    Posted July 4, 2023  in Delphi, Developer Tools

    I've been coding one-handed since shoulder surgery and I noticed how certain tools made that much easier.

  • My Take On GitHub Projects

    Posted May 27, 2023  in Developer Tools

    I tried to use GitHub Projects to manage the migration tasks for this site and a horrible experience, so I thought I'd share what I see are failures in the product.

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