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Pug and JavaScript Functions

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Posted: May 5, 2018 | | Categories: Miscellaneous

I'm building a node-based web application using Express and Pug. As part of this project, I wanted a page that triggered some business logic using data I passed to the page (a Pug view) when the user taps a button on the page. My button code looks like this:

button(onclick='buttonProcessor({deviceID}, {accessCode})') Push Button

When I access the page, the code for the onClick event looks just like the code in the snippet above:

onclick="buttonProcessor({deviceID}, {accessCode})"

Which, of course, won't work. Pug wasn't processing the variables at all as long as they were in the onclick quoted string. I poked and prodded at the Internet for a while and couldn't find the solution anywhere. No matter what I did, the variables didn't expand correctly.

After a while, I finally came up with the solution. It's not pretty, but it works; here it is:

//- Had to do this to get around not being able to process   
//- the page variables in the button's onClick attribute   
function buttonProcessor(){      
  pushButton(!{JSON.stringify(deviceID)}, !{JSON.stringify(accessCode)})   
button(onclick='buttonProcessor()') Push Button

Instead of trying to expand the variables in the onclick event, I created a separate function on the page and there the variable values expand correctly. Again, ugly code, but it works.

I'm publishing this here just in case I can help anyone else with the same problem.

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