Glowing Pumpkin

My children (twins) were born around Halloween, so that's always been a big holiday for us. Many years ago, I think when I found NeoPixels, I started building projects that used technology to enhance Halloween decorations. One of my favorites, and the one I wrote about here multiple times, is my Glowing Pumpkin project. Since there's so many posts and GitHub repos about these projects, I created this page to list everything in one place.

So, with that in mind, here's a table that summarizes all of my posts and GitHub Repos (with Gists if I remember) related to the NeoPixel-driven Glowing Pumpkins I created over the years.

ProjectNotesGitHub Repository(ies)Post(s)
Arduino Glowing PumpkinMy first published version (I think), uses a NeoPixel Ring
Glowing Pumpkin Xiao 5x5 BFFRefreshed the project to use a lot less hardware, basically a Seeed Studio Xiao board with a same size 5x5 NeoPixel matrix.Glowing Pumpkin Project Refresh
Glowing Pumpkin Server (HTTP)Rebuilt the previous project with a Web Server running on a separate processor core so I can control it from a web browser or mobile app.Arduino ESP32 Web Server on a Processor Core
Glowing Pumpkin Receiver (UDP)With a web server onboard, I started thinking about how to control multiple devices simultaneously. I decided to use UDB broadcast from a mobile app to synchronize colors across multiple Glowing Pumpkin devices.Arduino UDP Broadcast Receiver
Glowing Pumpkin Sync (UDP)After getting the mobile app working synchronizing colors, I built a version that used one of the Glowing Pumpkin devices to send commands to all of the other devices on the network (Using UDP broadcast messages from the Arduino)Using UDP Broadcast to Synchronize Actions Across Arduino Devices

I have no idea what I'm going to do next, stay tuned.