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Raspberry Pi Weather Station

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Posted: December 17, 2016 | Categories: Internet of Things (IoT)

A while back, I built a Raspberry Pi-based weather station. The hardware measures weather values (temperature, humidity and pressure) using the Astro Pi Sense HAT then uploads the data to a Weather Underground weather station. The Sense HAT board includes instruments that measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure plus an 8x8 LED display, a joystick, and an accelerometer.

Raspberry Pi Weather Station

The HAT was created by the folks at Astro Pi; elementary school children were solicited to create experiments using the Sense HAT it that would be executed on the International Space Station. Eventually, many experiments were selected and an astronaut performed them and sent back the results for analysis. I read different articles about this board, so I decided to create a project using it. I'd wanted to install a weather station in my yard and upload the weather data toWeather Underground(; the Sense HAT and a Raspberry Pi seemed like a great way to do this.

I submitted the project to the folks at Make Magazine and they published it in the December 2016/January 2017 edition. You can find a the project in Collect and Display Weather Data with a Raspberry Pi. Enjoy!

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