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Advancing Technology in Wilmington Meetup

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Posted: March 16, 2018 | | Categories: Mobile Development

I had an opportunity this week to present at the Advancing Technology in Wilmington Meetup in Wilmington, NC. The sponsors of this organization found the video of my presentation from the ReactiveConf 2017 and asked if I'd like to speak to their group. I, of course, said yes.

The session I delivered covered how to implement A/B testing in a React Native application using Visual Studio App Center. Here's a link to the session.

Since the ReactiveConf session, Visual Studio App Center hit General Availability (GA) and the SDK I used for my session upgraded from the preview Mobile Center SDK to the production grade App Center SDK. I decided I'd upgrade the app and presentation for the latest version of App Center and repeat the session from last year. Since last year's presentation, App Center's received some new features, so I was able to show off a little more of the product. Also, I had as much time as I wanted for my session (instead of only 30 minutes at ReactiveConf) so I was able to slow down and cover everything a little more thoroughly.

You can find the deck for my presentation on slideshare and the sample app source code is up on GitHub.

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